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Simple Golf Guide – About Us

No one wakes up, dresses for the golf course in their spikeless golf shoes promising excellent traction, grabs their high-end golf clubs, heads out to the golf course, and takes their first swing like a pro, no without guidance, mentorship, and months (or years) of practice.

Being great at golf takes a lot of work, effort, and a relenting spirit. You might not want to hear this now, but the men and women who are making a living out of golf did not just walk into the success they now bask in.

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These individuals work their back off. If you’ve listened to them speak or read content about their success stories, these guys have had to work harder than the rest, and they’ve had great coaches and mentors. So, if you wish to be half as good as they are, you might want to start your golf journey right by asking for and looking for all the help you could get.

The good news is that we know what you are feeling, we have been where you are – that place where you have no particular sense of direction regarding where you need to go and how – but we made it to the other side and now wish to offer a guiding hand. While this doesn’t mean that we have all the answers to your questions, it means that in the very least, we shall offer some help to guide your path.

As golf enthusiasts, we have been through the painful and the not-so-painful bits of the game, and we believe that our experiences have made us a tad wiser when it comes to golf.

What We Do

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At Simple Golf Guide, we provide comprehensive guides on all matters golf. So, if you need help buying your new set of golf clubs, unsure about what to look for in golf grips, confused about the different types of golf clubs, wedges, and putters, or if unable to decide between one gold shoe and the other, we will help you make the right decision. On top of the advice about the best golf gear, you will also learn about the golfing techniques you need to master to be the best.

So, if you are looking for advice on the best chipping drills, putting techniques, driving the range or how to improve that golf swing, we’ve got you. You will also learn more about gripping the golf ball, hitting the golf ball, maintaining that perfect golf swing plane, and also how to break 80. Do you have questions about irons, drivers, fairway woods, wedges, or putters? We’ve got the scoop on all these golf items.

To ensure that you receive the right (professional) advice about different elements of the sport, we have engaged golf experts and researched widely about the elements, techniques, and the secrets of success in golf. The gear we recommend is tried and tested by pros and beginners alike, meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting any misleading information.

Besides investing in useful information about what golf players need to invest in and how they should behave/ stand/ hold the club out on the golf course, we will also help you get into better physical and mental shape. How? Through exercising. Yes, contrary to popular belief (that golf is a lazy sport), the sport is quite demanding with a game of three players lasting as long as 4 hours or even more. For you to walk around the course for all that time, you must be in great physical shape.

And it’s not just walking. Your swings, putts, and chip shots depend on your physical health and abilities. We have a list of top-recommended exercises for golf for you to try – these exercises will focus on every part of your body, meaning that you will be a great golf player in excellent shape. As you already know, exercising boosts your mental strength. So, you have nothing to lose.

At Simple Golf Guide, our vision is to turn amateurs about to give up the power to be great at the course.