The 7 Best Golf Balls

The best golf ball has an instant and a direct impact on your game – a boost in performance if the ball supports your playing style and a but if the ball is wrong for you. The right golf ball gives you control over the game, as well as your driving distance. This means that the quickest, simplest, and most affordable way for you to boost your performance is investing in the best golf ball.

So, whether you’re a pro trying to improve your golf swing or a beginner learning the game for fast results, your first move must be the search for the best ball for golf.

For the perfect ball, you need to research, identify a few options, select your preferred choice, then source the ball. Unfortunately, these steps are not as easy in real life. There is a huge selection of golf balls on the market, and even choosing the best from Callaway, TaylorMade, or Titleist will not be easy.

golf ball and glove

Which begs the question: where do you start your search for your kind of golfing ball? Which is the right type of ball for use in this season? Which type of golfer are you? Can you use that ball in different scenarios? And on top of all these, which brand should you choose?

Sounds overwhelming? Don’t let these things get over your head. We’ve gotten our hands wet and even muddy evaluating all the hard questions so that you wouldn’t have to. If you keep reading, you will find some of the best golf balls you could buy.

But first, let’s look at all you need to know before buying a new golf ball. As mentioned above, the best golf ball delivers a precise balance between accuracy and balance. But do you know the features in a ball that bring about the balance?

Here’s how you choose the best golf ball:


Don’t be alarmed! In gold-speak, squidge refers to the difference between the hard and the soft golf balls.
Hard golf balls are quite resilient to impact, and all the power you put into the ball is retained for a long drive. But there is a trade-off with the hard balls – while the ball enhances the power put in, it also means that you should be ready for errors that are quite pronounced.

types of golf balls

Soft golf balls, on the other hand, are more malleable to the club. With the malleability, the soft golf ball will absorb even your slightest errors, enhance your level of accuracy, albeit at the same power as the hard balls’ power.

If you’re new to golf, you will hear the experienced players refer to these differences in the ball’s hardness and softness as the high spin for the hardball and low spin for the softballs. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to go to either extreme since there are several grades of golf balls you could choose from depending on your experience and style.

Layers and Dimples

Before buying your golf ball, you also need to differentiate between balls with dimples and layers. In terms of layers, a one-piece golf ball comes with one layer which, in turn, allows the delivery of more power. The single-layer golf balls, therefore, make excellent range balls.

Note, however, that unless you are a pro, a softer ball is preferable because it has less spin for full games. On the other hand, you might want to buy a two-layer ball if you’re looking for a ball that is more forgiving and if you’re new to golf.

But if you’re a pro in golf, you might want to take advantage of the high-spin golf ball which offers the highest level of drive power. Low-spin balls are, therefore, preferable for beginners – the low-spin ensures straight shots. So, if you are an intermediate golf player, you might want to invest in the mid spin ball as it allows you to keep an eye out for the distance shots as you keep your balls on target.

Now about the golf balls’ dimples. Golf balls with dimples are designed specifically for power through control variance. Therefore, golf balls with more dimples create much less drag, traveling further than the golf balls with few dimples. Therefore, balls with more dimples will enhance the drive of your game.


One of the integral elements to be considered when shopping for a golf ball is its compression factor. Fortunately, all golf balls come with their compression ratings marked meaning that you only need to determine the best compression rating for your golfing style.

In essence, the compression tells you just how much the golf ball will deflect when you bit it. The golf balls with a low compression have a softer feel, and this compression sends the balls flying over long distances.

The low compression balls are, therefore, better known as distance balls, and they are ideal for high-handicap players and learners. But you need to first check your average swing speed before settling for the low compression ball. Note that golfing pros and the low-handicap golf players have an average swing speed of 95MPH or even but others can only reach a speed of between 70 and 85MPH.

The low compression balls allow learners to attain the long distances as the pros, even with slower swing speed.
The high compression balls, on the other hand, are designed to offer more control over the golf ball. And thanks to the extra control, you will have a higher spin.

The high compression balls, therefore, call for higher swing speeds for the ball to lunge further and reach a longer distance. The high-compression balls, are also called tour balls.

These tour balls are used by the pros since they know how to make use of their spin to control spin. The high compression balls are also ideal and preferable for use near greens because the greens shots call for ball rolling and strategy. And these are the balls that provide the right kind of finesses for shots.

The far-flying, low compression balls are rated between 70 and 80 while the high compression balls have a compression rating of between 90 and 100.

Note that when it comes to the ball’s mechanics, the low compression golf balls are ideal for use by the low-handicap golfers because of their response to the club’s contact with the ball. These players tend to spring off with a lot more momentum (off the tee) than the golfers using the high-compression balls.

Your choice of low compression or high-compression golf balls is also determined by the weather. In cold weather, the low-compression balls are recommended because the high compression balls get more rigid, flying across shorter distances during the cold weather.

The other things you need to consider include:

Spin: The spin of a golf ball depends on the number of layers on the ball. If you are a budding golfer, opt for the two-piece balls as they are sturdy and cheap. The two-piece balls have a low-to-medium spin, and they cover longer distances even with slow-swing speeds. On the other hand, the three-spin balls boast even higher spin rates, more control, and coverage over short distances. These don’t have high speeds.

Ball cover: the covers affect the movement of the ball. Though balls made of urethane covers are common, the ones made of Surlyn are more durable, firmer, and cheaper. On the downside, the Surlyn balls feature a lower backspin and also a reduced level of control than the urethane balls. Overall, however, the Surlyn balls are preferable for learners because of their low and straight flight. You could learn more about swings and enhancing your skills in golf here.

Taking all these into consideration, you should note that the golf balls by different brands are tailored differently, and you’d have to check out the unique features offered by the brands before you place your order.

So, which are the best golf balls for you?

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1. Titleist AVX

Golf Balls (One Dozen)

When searching for a golf ball, you’ve got to find the highest performance ball, and this Titleist AVX is one of the best you could buy. Sporting 352-tetrahedral dimples (spherically-tiled) in a catenary design, this ball offers a consistent and optimal path of flight.

In addition to its dimpled design, this ball was designed using a clever technology with a soft feel from its smart core, the unique cover, and the aerodynamic design. These features ensure that the ball gives you excellent performance at a great significance.

Our other favorite feature of this ball is that the ball is reasonably priced and at the same level as the ProV1 and the ProV1x, which are some of the best golf ball brands that offer an all-rounded tee-to-green magical performance. Thanks to the design of the ball, it offers a lower spin and also the launch angle, while you enjoy the softest feel from the ball.

You might also like the ball’s core, which is low in compression. This core allows for the ball to reach a greater distance at high speed. Speaking of speed, the ball’s mid-iron allows the ball to spin at a remarkably high speed of up to 1,000RPM meaning that if your golfing style involves a significant amount of spin, you will need an additional club to provide distance, with this ball.

Note, however, that the ball has a lower spin-off its tee, and if you are a high spinner, you will notice the difference between this ball and others in the long game. Regarding the ball’s short game, the reduction in the number of the spins corresponds to a shorter game spin. The best part about the decreased spin is that you will enjoy a straighter and stronger ball flight.


  • Great consistency and excellent performance
  • Outstanding distance
  • The idea for long games and short games
  • Optimal flight path from the 352 dimples
  • It looks and feels great
  • A high penetrating driver flight


  • It’s expensive
  • Its design is ideal for use by professionals and not every golfer looks for that much distance with the irons or the lower driver spin.


2. TaylorMade Project (S)

soft Golf Balls

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate handicap player, this TaylorMade Project golfing ball could be just what you need.
This ball specially designed to be soft and to offer a great distance and the ball boasts a significantly soft feel along with a low-drive spin, while covering a large distance.

Therefore, you no longer have to choose between distance and a soft feel because this ball offers both features. How? This gold ball features a dual distance core, which is a two-layer system that is made with a large, but a low compression inner core. The design of the inner core results in the reduction of the unwanted driver spin while feeling sublime.

On the ball’s outer core is a soft and highly resilient polymer layer that further enhances the feel of the ball, while maintaining the ball’s high velocity.

On top of all these, this Project (S) by TaylorMade features a soft and hardy cover made of a soft lonomer. This cover is not only durable, but it also boosts your control on the green. The control of the ball is further enhanced by its 342-LDP dimple pattern and the compression of 60. The dimples decrease its drag, increasing its speed significantly.

This ball is available in matte white, fluorescent orange and yellow, and they are all UV-resistant.


  • The urethane cover gives the ball a soft feel
  • It’s flexible for use in short and long games
  • Affordable
  • Great distance
  • Low compression dual-distance core


  • Slightly less control over the ball
  • Preferable for the higher handicappers only


3. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft

2015 Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Newbie golfers can now learn about golfing fast and enhance their skills thanks to these soft golf balls by Callaway. Although this golf ball dozen is pricier than most other golf balls bought in the dozen, the balls feature everything you could ever dream about.

The balls boast the best of golf ball technology with Callaway claiming to be the only golf ball company with the Dual SoftFast core. And it would appear that this ball actually lives up to expectations and it’s not just all talk.

Chrome Soft is one of Callaway’s 2016 multilayer gold ball that boasts two cores. Its inner core features a soft compression which is softer the compression from the original Chrome Soft golf ball. In addition to the inner soft compression core, there is an outer core which is not only firmer but also exceptionally better in performance, making it the ideal golf ball if you are a fast swinger.

The two cores, though capable of simulating the firmness felt in the original Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, is ideal for use by the slow and the fast-swing golfers thanks to the low-compression design. The design of the balls also results in the balls’ fast speed and the low spin. Thanks to these features, these Chrome Soft Golf balls are ideal for beginners, as well as seniors.

You might also like the Chrome Soft golf ball because, despite its inner soft core, the ball offers a high level of playability, especially when you’re near the greens, its outer core offers a higher spin rate, especially on the shorter shots.

The balance of the functions of the inner and the outer cores result in a ball that offers more control on pitch shots and the chip shots. The ball also features unique 4-piece construction making the balls ideal for the high-handicap golfers. The construction also enhances the durability of the balls, and you don’t have to worry about your balls getting maimed within two or even one seasons.

The ball’s outer cover is made of urethane, which is not only hardy but also efficient or tour performance.
The other impressive feature of this golf ball is its Truvis pattern (red/ white football patterns) which make it easy for you to find the ball out on the course.


  • Dual high-performance construction
  • Truvis pattern and the bright colors make it easy to locate the ball out on the green
  • It’s a multi-layer ball with a hardy urethane cover
  • It boasts a long ball drive
  • You can enjoy more control in the short shots
  • The low compression enhances your control over the ball


  • It’s expensive, especially for beginners.


4. Titleist ProV1

Prior Generation Golf Balls

If you are looking for a golf ball that offers short-game control, as well as great distance, you might want to invest in this Titleist ProV1 golf ball. Titleist Pro V1 is an all-rounded golf ball designed to offer a high ball speed without sacrificing your short-game performance. As an upgraded version of the older PRO V1, the performance of this ball is definitely better than the old ball.
Regarding its softness, this ball is soft, but not mushy although it produces a low-pitched thud when hit.

This ball is designed to produce a substantial amount of spin during the short game with the wedge. This ball is designed to offer a perfect balance and control in the short game without forcing a sacrifice on yardage from your tee.

And for long games, the ball is designed to offer a lower spin and an even lower flight. It has 352 dimples which provide a good amount of control, making this a great all-round ball that works for just about every golfer.


  • It features the Next Generation 2.0ZG Process Core which gives you a maximum distance
  • The 352 dimples enhance the balls’ consistency of flight
  • Soft, durable cover
  • Ideal for short games
  • Works for every golfer, expert players, and the high-handicap players
  • Softer feel on landing/ contact


  • Not designed for the highest flight
  • Might not be the best ball for newbies
  • It’s expensive


5. TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball

Burner Golf Ball

If you’re a senior who fancies golfing, it means that you understand the importance and the significance of investing in the best golf balls. To this end, we wish to simplify your search with this review. You could also learn more with Simple Senior Swing, a Swing Method that guarantees more power and consistency.

This TaylorMade Burner golf ball is specially designed for seniors, and beginners, but mostly for seniors. It’s a high-quality ball available in wither neon green or white, and it offers great performance.

If you’re looking for a ball that will be visible over long distances, the neon green balls might be your preferred choice. The white balls are also easy to spot.

This ball boasts excellent specifications to ensure an excellent game from a senior wishing to boost their game. As a two-piece golf ball with 342 dimples and a compression of 60, the ball offers everything you’d need as a high-handicap golf player interested in improving their game.

You might also like the React Core since it has soft feeling and it bolsters confidence to seniors and new player.
The ball also has an impressive spin rate that gets the balls rolling. The balls fly straight and far off the tee.


  • Quite affordable
  • Ideal for seniors, beginners, and high-handicap players
  • Great performance
  • A compression factor of 60
  • Far and straight shots
  • Low-drag aerodynamics
  • Good quality ball design


  • Only works best for the short game shots


6. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Men's Golf Balls, Prior Generation

If you are new to golfing and in need of the best golf ball to match your beginner skills or the lack thereof, you might want to try your luck with these Srixon Soft Feel golf balls. These balls are inexpensive meaning that you don’t have to worry about burning your wallet trying a new sport.

The balls are surlyn two-piece golf balls which are more durable than most other balls for beginners and also with just the right feel for new golfers.

The balls are designed to feel soft and easy for low-swing speed players. With all its 344 dimples, the golf balls’ propulsion in air turbulence will be an easy sport. The balls are pure white in color in white and easy to spot.

You might also like the balls for their low-compression rating of 71. This compression rating gives the balls their remarkably high inertia moment, which results in an enhanced level of accuracy for your off-center shots.

The compression factor of the ball also gives it’s a high resilience and coupled with the super-soft core that has aerodynamics fitted, the ball has a high penetrating flight, a soft feel, and it covers a great distance — this behavior from the balls makes them ideal for individuals learning how to drive the ball straight.

Its 4-piece construction means that the ball is ideal for the high-handicap golfer. This construction is also responsible for the reliability and durability of the ball. The cover of the ball is made of urethane, which is known for its hardiness and top-notch performance.

The golf ball also boasts the Truvis pattern, which makes it easy for you to spot the ball on the course.


  • It comes in a pack of 12 balls
  • A compression factor of 71 which enhances the accuracy of the ball
  • It has an alignment arrow on its face
  • Ideal for the long, straight shots
  • It has a soft feel, ideal for beginners.
  • Two-piece Surlyn balls


  • The ball gives you extra control, but at the expense of distance


7. Vice Pro Soft

Soft Golf Balls

If you’re searching for a golf ball that boasts a high degree of visibility, this Pro Soft Golf Ball could be what you need.
This ball has an impressive level of flight trajectory, and it’s ideal for both beginners and intermediate players.

This ball has been optimized for great distance coverage and subsequently, used by the serious golfing amateurs with a medium-to-fast/ high swing speed. As one of the balls that fall in the range of premium-quality balls offered by Vice, this dozen is priced comparably lower than the other models sporting similar features

The ball boasts a matte-finish, a first (according to Vice) casting for urethane golf balls. The matte finish comes from the silicate particles present in the ball’s lacquer. The silicates give the ball its anti-glare effect, an incredible feature that enhances your performance when addressing the golf ball.

You might also like this ball because of its high visibility when in flight in the air and on the ground. The other interesting feature of this golf ball is its design using the S2TG technology on the cover.

This technology has resulted in the creation of an ultra-thin skin which is said to create just as much of backspin on the iron shots as the top-rated tour golf balls. Its 336 dimples also enhance the performance of the ball.


  • Impressive flight trajectory
  • Lower launch required
  • Great feel
  • High spin rate
  • Durable urethane cover
  • Great visibility
  • Good value for money for the pro players


  • Not suitable for beginners/ amateurs


When it comes to golf, precision is critical and it contributes to your play. Therefore, you should find the right ball to match your style and also the type of player you are. Fortunately, the balls fall in different price ranges and you will always find something just for you.

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