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We understand that if you are new to the sport of golf, you will be thrown into a world filled with more accessories and gear than you could ever imagine, and they will set you back a few bucks. So, to ensure that your money is spent on the best gear, this review of the best golf grips ensures that you have the right gear on the course.

Good grips will help in the positioning of your hands while also offering excellent traction on the wet days out on the course. Simply put, your golf grips make you attuned to the interaction of your golf club with your golf ball. So, in addition to finding the best golf clubs, golf balls, and golf shoes, you should get the best golf grips.

So, what makes the best golf grips?

There are two important things that make the best golf grip, material and size. The size of the golf grip is essential, and it’s determined by the size of your hand. You can tell if your golf grips are the right size by looking at how it fits – the right size allows your fingers to circle the grip without touching your palm. A large grip will minimize your wrist movements.

Regarding the golf grips’ material, the best grips are made of rubber as it is known for its firmness, as well as its adhesive properties. You might also find grips made of polyurethane and PU though these grips cost more than the rubber grips. The material of the grip also determines durability, maintenance, and comfort.

Keep in mind that your grips could also be firm or soft and ribbed or round. And the golf grips also differ in types – there are corded, rubber, wrap, putter, and lightweight golf grips.Now that you have an idea of what to look for when buying your next golf grips let’s review some of the best golf grips on the market today.

Reviews of the Best Golf Grips

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1. Golf Pride New Decade MCC Plus4 Golf Grip

New Decade MCC Plus4 Golf Grip

In our search for the best grips, this Golf Pride New Balance MCC Plus4 grips are the most advanced grips technologically, and they are designed using different materials for each of your hands to ensure that you always make great contact.

The grips feature a thick/ wide diameter in your lower hand. This is a unique design feature which is designed specifically to keep your clubface pointing straight at your target. It also reduces hand action.

Besides the design for the lower hand, the grip is made with soft rubber in combination with Golf Pride’s proprietary compounds all of which ensure the top performance of the grip, and a sublime feel of the grip. Thanks to the design of these grips, you won’t need tolook for rain gloves if it pours and you will feel confident doing that.

Our other favorite features of the grip are the alignment aids stealthily designed to allow you to place your top thumb right in the middle of this grip, hence a neutral and a square grip.


  • High-performance grip
  • The soft rubber on the lower hand enhances the feel of the grip
  • It boasts the proprietary MCC technology which enhances the performance of the grips
  • Reduced hooks from the thick diameter at the lower hand
  • It has great cords allowing comfortable use and high-performance even in wet weather.
  • Neutral/ square grips from the alignment aids


  • Beginners are forced to take stronger grips to avoid hitting a slice
  • Expensive
  • The alignment aids could weaken your grip


2. Golf Pride Tour 2G Wrap Grip

2G Wrap Grip

If you are looking for grips that give off that classy feel thanks to their design using high-end technologies, you could try the Golf Pride 2G grip. This grip is an improvement of the classic design seen in the Golf Pride Wrap, and it boasts more durability and a lot more tackiness than seen in its predecessor.

One thing that stands out from this grip is what looks like a slim leather strip that goes covers the shaft. But if you look closely, the slim strip isn’t leather but a single rubber piece which replicates that look of leather. The use of rubber is a win for this grip since it enhances the performance of the grip significantly while giving the grip a modern feel and look.

Thanks to the glossy look of the grip, you can use it whether you prefer the flashy-looking white or the classic black.
If you’re using this grip for the first time, you will notice that it feels sticky when you first use it. However, the stickiness disappears or rather, it blends in with the firm feel of the grip, as well as its high tackiness. The tackiness means that you can grab the grip softly without worry about twisting it.

Note that this grip doesn’t have any alignment aids, which means that they are more suited for the experienced players with no need for guidance when it comes to getting that clubface squared. You should also know that this grip gets slippery when it starts to rain meaning that hand gloves and towels come in handy when using these grips unless you want to send your club flying all over the course and risk hitting another player.


  • Durable design
  • Tackiness enhances your performance
  • You could close or open your clubface and maintain the same feeling
  • It looks classy
  • Good rubber grip


  • It’s slippery when it rains
  • It might feel too tacky for you
  • Only fit for experienced players since it lacks alignment aids


3.  SuperStroke Legacy FATSO 5.0

Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip

If you’re looking for a grip designed for putters, this oversized grip by SuperStroke could be exactly what you need. Among other reasons, this grip promotes the straight-back and straight-through putting of swings.

The high performance of this grip comes from the design of the grip with the intelligent SuperStroke parallel technology. With this technological application, you don’t have to worry if you twist your wrist while on the putting green, and you also get to apply even pressure on the grip using both hands.

Doing this takes away all the tension from your wrist and the forearms. These mechanics leave you with a higher chance of consistency on the golf course and with every shot you take. And if you’re looking to master the pendulum putting swing, then this grip could be all you need and what you’ve been missing.

The other impressive feature of this grip is its lightweight foam underlay. This enhances how your hands and the grip interact by providing the tackiness you need for a firm grip. Therefore, you could use this grip in any kind of weather. The grip’s outer layer is made of a tacky polyurethane layer which enhances the comfort of the grip. The non-slip grip further comes from the cross-traction surface and texture of your grip.

The no-taper technology incorporated into the design of this grip creates an even grip pressure, ensuring that you enjoy a very consistent grip.


  • Ideal grip for putters
  • A non-slip grip that works in all kinds of weather
  • Its lightweight EVA foam ensures a low-weight and comfortable grip with a large grip footprint and a maximum fee
  • Great oversized grip
  • USGA-approved
  • High-performance grip with a high feel and tackiness
  • It reduces the wrist action and ideal for use by persons with arthritis and any other medical condition


  • It’s too large for some users
  • It feels too hard for some users


4. Karma Velvet Midsize 13-Piece Grip

Midsize 13-Piece Grip

Everyone looks for ways of saving their money without compromising on the quality of the services or products they buy or invest in. And when it comes to golf, nothing says budget-friendly better than this set of 13 grips by Karma Velvet – each grip goes for a little under $2.

Now, before you buy this set of grips, we’d like to note that the low cost of the grips is a result of the low-cost materials used to make the grips. These grips are also thinner than most of the other grips on the market. Therefore, you should expect some difficulties in their installation, and you should use an adequate amount of solvents to ensure that the grips slide right in.

Despite these expected design flaws, you might like these grips because the thin material design also gives the grips a firm feel since there isn’t much of rubber between the golf shaft and your hands.
The tackiness of the grip is also exceptional, and you can use these grips in wet weather well.


  • It’s modeled after the high-end Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • It has a consistent feel all around
  • Super affordable


  • Made with cheap materials and it has an inconsistent feel when playing out in the rain
  • No alignment tools
  • No flashy look
  • Tough installation


5. Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac

Golf Grips Dritac

The Winn DriTac golf grip is one of the best golf grips on the market known for its top all-weather performance, the eye-catching colors, and great shock-absorption properties. The grip is also quite popular because of its uniquely soft feel, as well as its advanced vibration dampening design. So, should you find yourself hitting too many thin shots, you need not worry about the pain in your hands coming from the reverberating vibrations running through your shaft.

Besides dampening the vibrations, the grip will also keep your hands comfortable and fresh, especially out in the cold weather when the pain from the vibration would be at its peak.

The soft, tacky feel of the grip is also a great selling point for this Winn DriTac grips, and it comes from the unique polymer design with leaves you with very soft rubber. But even with the softness, you don’t have to worry about the grip being slippery in wet conditions. The only catch is that the grips tend to feel too soft and too mushy when it’s too hot out. You should also contend with the fact that these grips wear out too quickly and you might have to replace them after a year.


  • Non-slip
  • Cushioning and extra comfort from the WinnDry polymer
  • It’s made using high-tech polymer that make for the grip’s all-weather performance
  • Soft grip
  • No pain in the hands
  • Minimal vibrations


  • It gets mushy and uncomfortably soft when its too hot
  • It feels too soft for some players, forcing them to have an over-tightened grip
  • It wears our fast


6. Lamkin Flat Cat Big Boy

Oversize Putter Grip

If you need a golf grip that will help you master your putting skills and don’t mind spending a bit more on a good golf grip, this Lamkin Flat Cat Big Boy might be exactly what you need. Among other reasons, this grip boasts a light traction surface pattern which improves your feedback, in the process, allowing you to work on and perfect your putting techniques.

This grip has been designed specifically to fit and fit in your hand comfortably, meaning that it’s your ultimate putting partner if you need to master that putting swing.
On each side of this grip is a parallel plane which ensures that your putter is always square to the golf ball.
The other impressive feature of this golf grip is its patented weighted cone made of stainless steel. The cone is positioned optimally for the best strokes.


  • It promises smooth and more consistent putting strokes
  • Patented design enhances your performance on the green
  • Great for pendulum-like strokes
  • Works well in the wet and humid weather conditions too
  • Comfortable and stable in your hand


  • Expensive
  • It’s oversized, and it doesn’t work for everyone



There is a vast range of golf grips you could choose, but at the end of the day, your choices depend on your budget, size of hands, and your playing style. The type of grip you choose could affect your performance on the golf course positively or negatively, which means that you need to choose carefully.

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