Best Golf Shoes for Women

Golf shoes are integral elements of your golf gear and wearing bad, or the wrong shoes will negate your performance on the golf course significantly even with the best golf clubs.

Since golf involves a lot of walking around, up and down the gold course, the right shoes should be on your list of the essential golf gear. Failure to invest in the best shoes could leave your feet wet and walking with shoes with bad traction could result in accidental slips and injury.

Shoes worn to a golf course also affect your swing and your overall golf game performance. Therefore, if you are shopping for golf shoes, you need to make sure that yours are the best golf shoes.

And for the best of golf shoes, you need to check the golf shoes’ breathability, comfort, design of the insole and the outsole. The golf shoes could also be spiked or spikeless. Don’t forget that some of the shoes require more break-in time than others.

Best Shoes for Women Golfers

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1. Adidas Women’s W Response

Response Light-W

Made with a synthetic upper that is water-resistant, this golf shoe for women is the ideal fit for anyone looking for an extra level of protection, as well as natural performance out on the course. Thanks to the design of this shoe, you could wear it comfortably, as the weather gets chilly and extra cold and you won’t have to worry about your performance out on the course.

The shoes feature a cloudfoam insole which delivers a high-level comfort thanks to the insole’s ultralight cushioning. For the outsole, you have the 6-spike thintech outsole that features Adidas’ Adiwear. The design/ construction of the outsole enhances the traction of the shoe while also providing a long-lasting wear and abrasion resistance.

With all the features of this shoe, you might want to invest in a pair if you are a pro-golfer and you wouldn’t want the rains to keep you away from the course. The only catch is that the performance of your shoe drops in the rain and you should expect a diminished grip/ traction as the rain pours.
The other attractive feature of this golf shoe is that its midsole has been specifically engineered for use by golfers and the dramatic grooves in the shoe enhance its cushioning, stability, and comfort.


  • Made of durable leather
  • It has a rubber sole
  • 6-spike thintech technology on the outsole enhances the shoe’s traction and abrasion resistance
  • Tour-performance design
  • Ultra-cushioning from the cloud foam insole enhances the shoe’s comfort
  • The microfiber leather upper and the climastorm construction make the shoe weather-resistant.
  • Great overall fit
  • Lightweight design


  • Reduced traction and grip in the rain


2. Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Shoe

Solaire Golf Shoe

Callaway is a big name when it comes to golf gear. While not each of their designs makes it to the top, there is a good number that you could try out and have an excellent time on the course. This Callaway Solaire Golf Shoe for Women is one of these. The shoe is made of both synthetic fibers and textiles, all designed to enhance your performance at the golf course.

This is a spikeless golf shoe with a dura rubber outsole that boasts multi-directional lugs for traction. This spikeless design of the shoe ensures that you have a great time out on the course.

Besides the spikeless rubber outsole which enhances your performance out on the golf course, this shoe also features the Opti-soft 5mm EVA midsole which allows for a natural ground feel, as well as an enhanced level of comfort. The combination of the midsole and the outsole rubber leave you with an excellent shoe that allows you to make great swings.

The shoe is also breathable thanks to the opti-vent mesh upper that’s fitted with a 3D stability cage. The mesh, thanks to its breathability, leaves you with comfortable shoes and dry feet on the hot summer days. In addition to the mesh upper, there’s also a mesh liner which is great for heat management and the breathability of the shoes.
This shoe is also fashionable, and you could wear it out of the golf course without feeling or walking in a funny way.


  • Great price
  • Comfortable insole and outsole
  • The traction lugs give you a great grip out on the course
  • Ideal summer shoes for golfing
  • Lightweight


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • The fit might be off slightly, and it’s not the best shoe for narrow foot ladies


3. FootJoy Women’s Enjoy-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

Available in ten different colors, this pair of FootJoy golf shoes for women is the ideal summer golfing shoe, and it has everything nice you need to support you on the golf course. The size of the shaft is just right.

The shoe offers great traction with its rubber traction lugs and the uberlite foam cushioning of the shoe, as well as the molded rubbers’ traction insert enhances the versatility and the feel of the shoes. Thanks to these designs, these shoes are very comfortable to walk in or to take the swing at your golf ball.

The other impressive feature of this golf shoe is its machine-washable design, which makes it easy to clean the shoe.
The ease of cleaning and the comfort of the shoe further comes from its lightweight mesh, a soft lie which is an engineered mesh that provides the best of comfort, as well as durability to the lightweight shoes. You might also like the fact that this pair is breathable and odor-free thanks to its ever-fresh and organic odor control lining.


  • Quite comfortable
  • Fashionable
  • Lightweight
  • They offer excellent arch support
  • Available in attractive colors


  • They are not waterproof or water-resistant, and you should only use them in dry weather


4. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

If you wish to up your golf shoe game, we’d recommend investing in these ECCO golf shoes. These shoes are designed to withstand different conditions on the golf course.
For starters, the shoes are weather resistant. Their water-resistance comes from the breathable, naturally soft material used in the shoe’s construction – strong YAK leather. The uppers are also made of the leather uppers. To enhance the water-resistance of the shoes, the leather upper is treated using an anti-stain formula, as well as Hydromax, and they both ensure a high level of protection from the elements.

The shoe also features an anatomical last shape which was developed after a scan of 2,500 feet for athletes were scanned. The scanning ensured that the manufacturer creates a shoe that offers the highest level of support.

You might also like the Tour-proven traction of the shoe which comes from the TPU construction. TPU is a wear-resistant, highly durable and designed to offer an excellent grip. The shoe has molded traction bars that provide hundreds of stable traction angles or the perfect grip.

Besides the TPU sole that offers stability and traction, hence comfort on the course, the shoe also comes with a uniquely designed technical insole system. This is a new and an ultra-premium insole which is fitted with silicone printing to prevent your feet from moving as you take your swing.


  • Ergonomically advanced shoe design
  • BIOM technology from the scanning of athlete’s feet make the shoes stable
  • Hydromax treatment on the leather upper makes the shoe water-resistant
  • Great traction
  • The soft yak leather used enhances the comfort of the golf shoes
  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Good fit
  • Durable design


  • Slightly expensive


5. Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe

Max Golf Shoe

There is a lot that goes into the design of a great golf shoe, and this pair has everything you need in a golf shoe. And you can finally say goodbye to your trainers and running shoes by wearing the right golf shoes.

These golf shoes feature a durable rubber sole. The outsole is a spikeless durable-grip TPU-outsole that’s lightweight and capable of providing a high level of traction. The shoe is also ultra-lightweight and pleasantly comfortable thanks to the highly responsive ultra-light cushioning of the sole.

There’s also the GOGA Max insole which delivers a high level of high-rebound cushioning to keep your safe and stable out in the course.
You might also like the water-resistant design of the shoes which comes from the Dri-Lex interior that offers a high level of moisture management,


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Good grip from the outsole
  • Outsole made of durable material
  • Stable
  • Water-resistant
  • Great stitching and the overlay detail enhance the appearance of the shoes


  • They are not the best golf shoes when the rain is pounding


6. Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

For the longest time, Adidas has been a footwear brand synonymous with good shoes – whether you’re looking for hiking, running shoes, or athleisure, Adidas seems to have it all covered. And a look at the features of this shoe shows that this shoe will not disappoint you out on the golf course.

This Adipure golf shoe is available in five color variations, but its most impressive feature has got to be the lightweight design of the shoes thanks to their heather textile construction. The heather textile has a PU protective coating that not only leaves you with lightweight shoes but also breathable and very stylish shoes. The shoe is characterized by a rounded toe, a lower ceiling height, and wider forefoot all intended to enhance the shoe’s aesthetics while boosting the shoe’s comfort levels.

Extra comfort comes from the fitfoam pillow sock liner which offers more cushioning and consequently extra comfort needed for the long walks, as well as the perfect swings. The sock liner further protects your feet from injury. In addition to the sock liner, the shoe also features an EVA midsole which enhances comfort.

On the outsole is a super-flexible adiwear spikeless outsole. This sole has been designed to provide great traction, support, and stability by use of pure motion lugs. The lugs also make for the shoe’s off-course versatility and the green friendliness of the shoe.


  • Versatile shoe ideal for wearing in and out of the golf course
  • Comfortable golf shoes
  • The perfect shoe for a wide-footed person
  • Gray sole minimizes stains
  • The rubber traction lugs enhance comfort and stability on the course


  • It runs a size big for most persons
  • Not totally waterproof or water-resistant


7. ECCO Women’s Cage Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

By now, you understand the value of great shoes and that you can only feel good and play beautifully when wearing the right golf shoes. ECCO seems to have these exact ideas as it can be seen in their Cage Pro Gore-Tex golf shoes for women. This shoe’s design pays significant attention to how your feet feel and how that could relate to your swings, hence the incorporation of the best technologies to create a masterpiece.

To make possible ECCO, in partnership with BOA has integrated the highly innovative closure system to this and the rest of their ECCO shoes to ensure that the shoes you wear feel comfortable and smooth with evenly spaces closures, and consequently, zero pressure points. The closures made using the BOA technology have a subtler dial, a lower stack height, and an even smaller diameter, and they work better than the traditional laces you are tired of. The new laces are also impressive because they are easy to clean and also dirt-repellent. They are also durable thanks to their construction out of stainless steel.

But the closure system is not the only impressive feature of this ECCO golf shoe. There are many other attractive features, including:

E-DTS or the ECCO Dynamic Traction System. This is a hybrid design for the shoe’s outsole. The unique bit about this outsole is that it has at least 800 traction angles which provide exemplary traction, support, and stability, regardless of your playing conditions. The outsole is also durable thanks to its construction out of the durable and wear-resistant TPU. There also are about 100 molded traction bars which enhance the flexibility, lightweightedness, and the shock-absorbing capabilities of this shoe. And thanks to its low profile, this shoe will bring you closer to the ground, enhancing your ground feel, stability, swing power, and traction.

There’s also the Tri-Fi-GRIP technology. This is an innovative technology, a zone technology which is specifically designed to support all the aspects of your game. This technology offers zones for stability, durability, and rotational zone, allowing you to make the perfect back swings and follow-throughs. There’s also another zone technology incorporated into these shoes, the ECCO SPYDR-GRIP which creates a naturally-placed pivot point, offering a great foundation to allow for the perfect backswings.

On top of all these, this golf shoe further features the Gore-Tex technology which gives the shoe its name. This is a waterproof technology which is optimized for advanced protection from the elements, as well as breathability. Breathability is further enhanced by a feature called Lrya, which is a (naturally) tumbled leather. You might also like the removable inlay sole which adds breathability. And being an optional feature, removing this inlay sole will enhance the shoe’s comfort for persons with wider feet.

The other impressive feature of this shoe is the DIP stabilization cage which wraps the shoe from its heel to the midsole and across to the toe, for enhancement of stability.


  • High-quality golf shoe
  • Reliable and durable outsole
  • Traction lugs enhance comfort and stability
  • Molded traction bars boost the flexibility and the lightweight of the shoe
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Removable inlay sole enhances comfort and provides a great fit for wide and narrow feet
  • No break-in period
  • Easy to maintain


  • Few sizing issues
  • Pricey


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