7 Best Golf Shoes Reviews

When it comes to golf and golf gear, we often place much focus on the balls, clubs, hats, and clothes. Often, we forget the importance of investing in the best golf shoes or even their existence. Unfortunately, ignorance and avoidance will only make you suffer eventually.

To put things into perspective, the best golf shoes will give you the best foundation for swings. And since golf involves lots of walking on varied terrains and even changing climatic conditions in one round of golf, getting the best shoes determines your life on the green. The only problem in this search is that there are too many options on the market and if you’re new to the golf, finding the right pair of shoes to wear on the green could be very frustrating. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you in the search for the best shoes for golf.

So, which are the best golf shoes and what do you need

What to look for when shopping for golf shoes?

1. Fit

Obviously, there are many other features that determine whether you should buy a golf shoe or not, but nothing is more important than the fit of the shoe. You cannot walk or swing your club comfortably (or at all) if your shoes don’t fit.

2. The middle section design and fit

When shopping for golf shoes, you need to find shoes that offer great support. Since you will be walking around the golf a lot and you need shoes that give you great support as you swing your club, the middle section of the golf shoes should offer more support. For the support you need on the golf course, the best of golf shoes tend to be tighter around the midsection than the normal shoes.

In addition to the middle section, you should ensure that the shoes are the right length, ankle entry, width, toe box, heel cup, and midsection.

3. Traction and stability

Stability is the foundation of the perfect swing, which makes the traction and the stability of the shoes you are planning to buy critical.For stability, the right pair of golf shoes should anchor you to the ground firmly, throughout your swinging motion.

Since rubber-soled shoes won’t be able to anchor your feet to the green firmly, the best golf shoes for traction and stability are spiked. The alternative to the spiked shoes is the spikeless option of golf shoes designed to do the job the same way as the spiked golf shoes.

4. Spiked vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes

The past few years have seen an increased demand for the spikeless golf shoes and this trend begs the question, what’s the difference between the spiked and the spikeless golf shoes?

For starters, the spikeless soles have a low profile, and they are lighter and even more comfortable than the traditionally spiked golf shoes.
Also, the dimpled sole or the rubber studs on the rubber soles offer more traction than on the firm surfaces like the 19th hole or the driving range.

But on the downside, these spikeless golf shoes have less stability and grip on tall grass, and rough surfaces and the materials used for their molding do not offer sufficient waterproofing. The spiked shoes, on the other hand, offer the best of traction regardless of the surface and their molding makes them very waterproof.

5. Comfort

As mentioned above, golfing requires a lot of walking, which means that you have to invest in the most comfortable walking golf shoes on the market. You need comfortable shoes even if you ride in the cart for the most part.

For the comfort of your shoes, you need properly sized shoes. You should also check the hardiness and the weight of the material used to make the shoes. Besides a hardy but comfortable material, you also need to look at the breathability of the shoes. Since it could rain while you’re on the golf course or you could be teeing off early in the morning or after the rains, you need shoes that will keep the water away, and also ventilated shoes that prevent dampness on the hot days.

Besides looking for shoes that offer maximum comfort while walking, you also need your shoes to be comfortable during your slow or fast swings. The movements made during your swing is different from your movements when walking. When swinging, the ankle and the feet will rotate quite fast, rubbing the inner side of your shoes.

Therefore the inside of your shoe, particularly around the ankle area should feel both soft and flexible while withstanding the heavy friction from the displacement of your ankles and the feet. Failure to pay attention to the inner design of your golf shoes could leave you with minor calluses at best, and the serious injuries in the worst of cases.

6. Shoe Style

While style remains a matter of preference, most of the golf shoes on the market, and the ones reviewed here match different styles and preferences. But if you want to be specific to your style, there are golf shoes in different styles ranging from the sophisticated to the classics and the sporty or even the modern golf shoes.

7. Weather Resistance

Will your golf shoes support comfortable walks or swings in extreme weather? Before you buy golf shoes, you need first to confirm the weather conditions expected in the golf course. Beware of mud, dirt, and dew or moisture on the ground before you buy the shoes.

To be on the safe side, you need to ensure that your shoes are made using waterproof and breathable materials. A balance of breathability and waterproof protection are critical, as is the right fit of your shoe for walking on different climates. At the very least, your golf shoes should be water-resistant.

8. The Technologies used to make the shoes

There is a huge variety of golf shoes, but the differences in the shoes are mostly determined by the manufacturer and the technologies used to make the shoes. Most manufacturers of golf shoes have encapsulated the latest technologies in the soles of the shoes.

So, your choice of a spiked over a spikeless golf shoe will depend on the technologies used by the manufacturer to enhance the shoe’s traction for enhanced stability. There also are technologies that enhance the breathability and the waterproofing components/ lining of the shoes.

But if you’re going to buy golf shoes that use some kind of technology, ensure that the technology used is proprietary and intended to enhance the sole’s resistance. Now that we know what we should be looking for when buying golf shoes, here are some of the best golf shoes on the market.

Reviews of the Best Golf Shoes

1. Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoe

Boost 3 Golf Shoe

If you’re looking for trendy and stylish golf shoes that boast some of the best features you could find in golf shoes, try these Adidas AdiPower S Boost 3. These golf shoes are not only well-built, but they’re also aptly designed for golfers. You could run in them too.
Some of the top features of these shoes include:

The Energy-Sling that enhances the power from the shoes. Since golf shoes are essential in the transfer of energy during your golf swing. The Energy Swing Technology of this Adidas pair increases your transfer of power from one leg to the other with ease.

And topped with the responsive cushioning of these shoes, the transfer of energy is effortless and the energy transfer from your back foot to your front foot results in the maximization of the distance you cover. You might also like the added layer of bounce on the shoes from the bounce foam layer, which increases the shoes’ responsiveness and power.

The other unique feature of these shoes is the Climastorm water-repellent protection technology for waterproofing. The design of these shoes will keep your feet dry throughout. The coating from the Climastorm technology is also essential as it prolongs the shelf-life of the shoes.

These Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 golf shoes also boast a soft and sturdy Puremotion outsole which keeps you connected to the ground when swinging the golf club. The outsole utilizes the waffle sole design, and you don’t have to worry about the grip or the stability of your shoes.

Lastly, there is the rounded toe design which offers more volume as your feet expand when you shift. The rounded toe design also increases the stability of the shoes by working in tandem with the Adidas EVA midsole layer, which reduces friction when you move. Thanks to the additional room at the shoe’s toe, you will get more power behind your ball as you move through your swing.


  • Durable shoes with a water-repellent outsole
  • Best waterproof golf shoes
  • Ideal for persons with broad feet.
  • A high degree of flexibility on the big swings
  • The waffle sole spikes enhance balance and keep you grounded
  • You could run in these shoes comfortably


  • Traditional golfers find them too flashy


2. Puma Women’s FAAS Lite Golf Shoe

Lite Golf Shoe

Ladies, are you looking for best beginner golf shoe? Perhaps you might want to get started with these PUMAs.
These shoes are highly rated for supportive design. They have a synthetic leather upper with unmatched quality, as well as a microfiber upper leather that offers a great deal of comfort, as well as durability.

These FAAS also boast an EverFoam Memory which contour to the feet quite easily and comfortably. The shoes also offer excellent traction, making them the ideal shoes for walking and swinging the golf club in any part of the golf course.

The use of unique technologies, namely FAASFoam and EverTrack for the midsole and the outsole affords golfers a super-cushioned feeling.


  • Durable and lightweight microfiber leather upper
  • Comfortable EverFoam memory foam for comfort
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Great value for money
  • Very lightweight
  • Great golf shoes for new golfers


  • They aren’t waterproof
  • The material looks too plastic


3. New Balance Golf NBG2004

Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe Men's

Though New Balance is not regarded as the best of the best in the world of golf, these shoes are known for their high-quality design, as well as their high comfort levels. This pair is the direct successor of the NBG2003, and it’s a pair of spiked golf shoes that features 7 molded plastic spikes stealthily placed on the sole. One of the things that stands out from this pair is a rather sporty and modern design.
The other key features of this pair include:

REVlite Midsole – in golf shoes, midsole cushioning is paramount, and New Balance gets this, hence the use of the REVlite technology in the shoes. This technology features a highly innovative foam compound that gives the shoe its responsiveness, the lightweight, as well as the underfoot cushioning.

This technology, or rather, the approach is seen in the Adidas Tech Response and also the Skechers golf shoes.
Spikes: This New Balance pair sports an outsole made out of thermoplastic polyurethane material (TPU), a material known for its comfort. On this outsole are seven spikes placed precisely on the outsole – two of the spikes are at the back of the foot, and the rest are concentrated around the forefoot section. The interesting bit is that these spikes make the shoes incredibly stable and the shoes feel natural on just about any surface.

Waterproofing: To reiterate what we mentioned above, you need to invest in waterproof golf shoes since things could get really wet on the green. These shoes are waterproof and to ensure that you believe them, the manufacturer gives you a two-year guarantee on the shoes’ waterproofed design.


  • Great modern, sporty design
  • Superior level of traction from the 7 spikes on the TPU outsole
  • Comfortable and lightweight TPU outsole
  • Form-fitting tongue construction that stabilizes the lightweight design of the laces
  • Fully waterproof
  • 2-year guarantee on its waterproof design


  • Poor traction on firmer ground
  • The style doesn’t work for everyone
  • It’s not the most breathable golf shoe


4. New Balance 1701 Spiked Golf Shoe

Spiked Golf Shoe

While these New Balance 1701 golf shoes with spikes don’t match up to the New Balance 2004, they are still some of the best golf shoes for the mid-level golfer.

Some of the features of this pair, besides the easy-to-change cleats and the waterproof exterior include:
Durable outsole made of Endurance Rubber – the shoe uses the patented rubber outsole, Ndurance which will keep your feet protected. This outsole also integrates seamlessly with the advance-design spike system.

Thanks to the sturdy outsole and the fact that this 1701 class of golf shoes is larger than most of the other soles, you will enjoy a significant amount of comfort, as well as stability wearing these shoes.

You might also like the high-quality and water-resistant upper outsole made of microfiber leather. This leather material ill keep water off your shoes and feet regardless of the wetness of the course. The shoes also have a padded tongue that will lock off the top side of your shoes, keeping your feet dry throughout.

These golf shoes also feature a cushioned EVA foam midsole that enhances the shoes’ arch support and comfort when walking. The EVA foam is comfortable, but sturdy and it will keep your feet grounded strongly through every swing.

These shoes also boast one of the best cleat systems, the champ slim-lock system. This system wears quite well, and you can replace the cleats easily when they wear out.


  • Easy to replace the cleat system
  • Very durable rubber outsole that enhances the longevity of the shoes
  • Waterproof and water-resistant exteriors
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Ideal for a person with wide feet
  • Great price


  • A little bulky
  • Extra-wide and not ideal for persons with slim feet
  • They are stiffer than your typical golf shoes


5. Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

 Golf Elite 3 Shoe

These Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Shoes have got to be the most stylish, comfortable, and attractive golf shoes that you can wear around the golf course.

The shoes boast a low-drop design that will keep your foot in direct contact with the ground throughout your golf session, as well as the best heel-lock design that enhances your stability as you pivot. And contrary to your expectations, these shoes are quite affordable for a golf shoe.

The other impressive design features of these shoes include the H2GO Shield Waterproof protection design, a patented feature that keeps water off your feet even when it rains. The patented technology has been integrated with the upper leather layer, creating a shell that keeps the shoes breathable, and feet dry on rainy days and cool on the warmer days.

There’s also the Resamax cushioned insole that gives you a very stable landing area for the feet as you walk around the golf course. Thanks to the low-drop design, your feet remain close to the ground and balanced. There’s also the 5Gen interior cushion which offers an incredible level of comfort. This interior cushioning system makes these among the most luxurious of golf shoes – they are as soft as they are luxurious and supportive.

Lastly, you might Iike the TPU outsole (bottom plate) which give your grip and a high level of stability as you dig into the turf when making the swing.


  • Comfortable
  • Stable and high-grip spiked outsole
  • Stylish shoes that work with different outfits
  • Durable inner sole and outsole
  • Patented insole keeps the feet stable and ground when walking and even when you swing the ball.


  • It might feel too soft for guys looking for more rigidity


6. ECCO Women’s Street EVO One Golf Shoes

One Golf Shoe

ECCO is one of the famous shoe brands on the market today, and it’s known for more than golf shoes. Today, however, we focus on these exceptional ECCO Women’s ECO One golf shoes.
For starters, these shoes are beautifully designed and secondly; they are ideal for beginners.
These golf shoes feature molded traction cleats which will keep you stable on the course. With as many as 800 traction angles, all offering 360-degree traction from the tee-to-green. These 800 traction angles allow you to control your movements.
These shoes sports Street EVO One function which promises the highest level of stability, comfort, and grip. They also have a solid construction which simplifies cleaning.
You might also like the Hydromax-treated leather, which offers a high level of comfort when stepped on.


  • 800-traction angles for more control over your movements
  • They are beautiful
  • Made of durable Hydromax-treated leather
  • They are made of high-quality hydromax-molded leather.


  • The shoes are too pricey
  • They are not ideal for wide-footed ladies


7. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe
ECCO is a huge brand when it comes to golf and even running shoes. These shoes are designed to improve your performance on the course. Some of the features that provide for the high-performance of the shoes include:

The anatomically-correct design – the shoes feature anatomically-correct flex grooves that will follow your foot’s bio-mechanics to ensure the enhancement of your feet’s natural movements through the provision of a push, as well as maximum forward movement.

The shoes also feature a FLUIDFORM technology feature specific to ECCO, which enhances the comfort of the shoes while maintaining your foot’s anatomical integrity within the shoe. When you have the shoes on, the FLUIDFORM process will generate a supple, durable, and an integral bond between your shoe’s sole and the upper.

It also boasts a low-to-ground construction which allows your foot to react to the ground naturally, hence a higher level of stability, as well as the creation of a ground feedback and the strengthening of your leg muscles with every step you take.

You might also like these shoes because they boast a glove-like-fit. The shoes’ design matches the natural curves of your feet. So, in combination with the durable and soft ECCO leather and the bonded upper (textile), these shoes will fit like a glove.


  • BIOM technology ensures comfort, shock absorption, and motion
  • The shoes fit like gloves
  • The lace closure fits snugly
  • Anti-stain technology
  • Water repellant
  • Molded traction bars and angles for enhanced control
  • Comfortable and stable


  • They might need some breaking-in time

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