The best golf snacks

Golf requires its players to be physically fit and nourished before they hit the golf course. A good game of golf requires about four hours upwards to complete; thus, the need for adequate hydration and nourishment, before and during a game of golf. Food acts as fuel to the body. Whatever you ingest determines your … Read more

Best Golf Exercises

Did you know that the pain and discomfort you feel or even the bad games you’ve had the past few weeks have nothing to do with your swing, most if not all times? And that all the bad feelings you harbor right now point to a different cause, something in the lines of body weakness … Read more

How to swing a golf club

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When you first hold a golf club, you’re likely to be intimidated, wondering if you’re able to swing, hit the ball, and the club remains in your hand. While that is an extreme example, nerves can make us do something things on the golf course that won’t make for our proudest moment. However, once you’ve … Read more

How to size golf clubs

Custom fitted clubs benefit players across the various skill levels. If you’re playing the game for the first time, you’ll get enhanced performance than if you used store-bought golf clubs. Here we are going to discuss how to size golf clubs so that they are best suited for you and the game you’re going to … Read more

How to re-grip golf clubs

Grips do need replacing after a while. You have to do so if you’re going to keep making the right shots. You don’t want a worn out or too hard a grip to affect your golfing experience. The good thing is you can do it yourself though there’s the alternative getting it down at a pro … Read more

Who makes Tommy Armour golf clubs?

The renowned Tommy Armour golf clubs are a classic golf club brand that has been in the market since the 1970s. The brand rose to prominence in the 1980s, mainly because of their popular range of 845s irons with more than 600,000 sets sold at one time. Previously being a Sports Authority private house brand, … Read more

What are my golf clubs worth?

As you might know, golf is not a cheap sport. Playing one single round and seeing one of your more qualified opponents pull off a simple senior swing may not cost you much. However, when it comes to buying the equipment, you are bound to spend a pretty penny. One of the significant investments in … Read more

Types of golf clubs

If you’re new to golf, then you’ll be a bit devoid of knowing the various types of golf clubs available to you when playing the game. First-timers in the golf course have a hard time playing confidently, especially when they haven’t a clue that the type of club you use affects the shot you’re making … Read more

How to choose golf clubs

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There are varying types of golf clubs, and that can make it confusing for a starter find the right club. If you’re a golfer, then you do need to use the right equipment that is best for your fitness levels, overall physical condition, and the type of body you have. There is, for example, a … Read more

How to change a golf shaft

First, let’s get into how you remove the old shaft. You start from the head when doing the removal. That starts with putting some heat on the clubhead to break down the epoxy bond that is there between the shaft and the head. That will take a few minutes, and once you have, you can … Read more