Can golf balls be recycled?

Nothing compares to a good game of golf on a hot and sunny day. From breathtaking sceneries to hitting some great monster swing shots,it is easy to understand why many people list golf as their favorite pastime. However, golf is also an expensive hobby. Whether it is course fees or buying the equipment, the price … Read more

How golf handicap works

A primary component of playing golf is comprehending how golf handicap works. By fully understanding this system, you will better understand your golf level, how to calculate it, and your standing among other golfers. If you do not understand this important aspect of golf, you may find you lose every time you play with other … Read more

How to clean golf clubs

You want to have your golf clubs for a long time, so you ensure that you have them in top shape at all times. That means you have to keep them clean as part of preservation. You’re however not just meant to go about it anyhow even though the process is simple. In this guide, we’re … Read more

Best Golf Tips for Beginners

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You learn by making mistakes, but your performance can only be better than it was yesterday if you learn from your past mistakes. In the world of golf, tournament and championships winners are the individuals who put in their all and strive to be the best in the game, every day. If you are an … Read more

10 Best Core Exercises for Golf

One of the major reasons for your plummeting performance at the golf course has to do with your body’s core strength. Your core strength is just as important as buying the right golf clubs set, knowing how to use each club in your bag, and wearing the right golf attire. Why? How? Contrary to popular belief, … Read more

Should golfers wear polarized sunglasses?

Golf is as much of a visual game as it is a club-and-ball game. As you show off your monster golf swing to your golf buddies, it is best to choose the best clubs and dress the part. Wearing a pair of golfing sunglasses is as much part of the golf attire as the pants … Read more