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Here at Simple Golf Guide, we take pride in the offering tried and tested expert advice on all matters golf. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, there is something you could learn, something to enhance your golf skills.

Now, even though we try to offer the best advice we can, we believe in the power of open communication. To this end, we have an excellent customer service team build on the greatest values of effective communication and teamwork. What this means is that we value feedback from our customers and readers. We will pay attention to your concerns and together with our expert teams, give unbiased responses, as promptly as we can.

We know that we don’t always have all the answers when it comes to perfecting your golf skills, which is why we engage top experts from the industry. These experts will provide answers to your questions and concerns.

By opening up our communication channels, we are able to build a community of golf enthusiasts who understand the different elements of the game, what needs to be done, and how. This community thrives in open communication, and we will strive to stay in touch at all times.

Should you find something unsatisfactory, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help resolve any issue as soon as you notify us.

Feedback, whether positive or negative tells us that we are doing something, and we will use the information gathered to build an even stronger community. We wish to be the go-to brand for all matters golf, and the only way for us to do this is by building a solid communication system.

While we try to be prompt in our responses, we admit that there could be minor delays. Should we take longer than 3 days to respond, please message us again.

We value our readers and customers and encourage you to use our various communication lines to reach us.