How to change a golf shaft

First, let’s get into how you remove the old shaft. You start from the head when doing the removal. That starts with putting some heat on the clubhead to break down the epoxy bond that is there between the shaft and the head.

That will take a few minutes, and once you have, you can twist the head right off the shaft. What you can use is either a heat torch or gun. You want to ensure that you hold or make sure the clubhead falls on a soft surface, so it does not hit the ground. After, take a rubber shaft holder to contain the shaft so that you don’t damage it.

Do note that during this time you want to work with gloves so that you don’t get burnt. That’s because you’ll have heated the hosel and it will have reached degrees that could have burned your hand and have you in the emergency room. Ensure that you have the right safety, goggles included if you feel the need to.

Clean the hosel

Clean the hosel

Once the shaft is out, you’ll have resided epoxy left on the inside of the hosel. You have to clean that out before attempting to install a new shaft. To clean it out, you’ll need a round file. Alternatively, you can use a hostel cleaner.

Complete the cleaning process by adding acetone or a grease remover so that you can remove whatever residue is left. There are other materials that you can use for this cleaning process. If you’re looking for an alternative talk your local club store to see what cleaners they have available for your use.

Installing the shaft


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On this part, you don’t want to go in blindly. You will have to get with your manufacturer so that you can find out what the recommended tip trimming is. Once you’ve done that, measure the depth of the shaft and mark it on the shaft. Cutting will have to be a swift process where you’ll have to ensure that you don’t cut the shaft wrongly, especially if it is granite shaft. You can protect that area with adhesive tape where you’re cutting to avoid splintering.

Once you’ve cut into the shaft, remove the paint from the tip. That’s because you want it to enter the hosel well once you’ve put the adhesive and remain there even as youmake complicated swings.After that process is done, you should insert the shaft.
The next step is to mix the epoxy and after apply it on the inside part of the hosel.

Do be sure to coat the entire surface. After that, follow through with using epoxy on the end of the shaft. After you are done, push in the shaft into the hosel while turning the shaft in at the same time. You do have to be quick and steady on this part of the process. With a granite shaft, you just have to align it to the graphics.

Once you are done, take a rug with some acetone on it and wipe away the epoxy that is left. Leave it to dry for 12 hours. That way, you’re assured that they are cured before you proceed to what is left. When that process takes place, determine the length of the shaft before you place in the grip. To place in the new grip, you have to ensure that you have all you need to put in a new grip in the first place.

You don’t want a worn out or too hard a grip to affect your golfing experience.

Wrap up

When you are replacing the shaft, ensure that it is the same size the original. Otherwise, you will end up having something different that you did not order for in the first place. The identification of the length should be on the label or if not; you can check the manufacturer’s website. Another thing that you have to make sure is that you know what the purpose of the golf club is.

You don’t want to change a shaft and find that you have placed the wrong one either because it is a different brand or a different type of golf club. You can also source for generic versions, but you have to use the manufacturer’s online forums to ensure that you’re getting what you require and not something different.

Overall, do ensure that you have safety at the forefront of your mind because you’re working with heat and adhesive. You do need to take the necessary precautions. Read what the label of each product has to say with regards to safety so that you’re sure that you’re on the safe side.

That aside, you have to change the shaft when it is broken or bent because it will drastically affect your play. If you’re competing at whatever level you ought to take good care of your golf clubs and make the necessary replacement when the time is right. If this is your first time, it doesn’t hurt going to the store and asking them to watch while you work. The other option is working with someone who has done it before, and they can help you through the process.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the process the first time. There are plenty of resources and people who are available and eager to help you with your golfing journey. That includes when it comes to changing broken parts and changing those that are due.

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