How to choose golf clubs

There are varying types of golf clubs, and that can make it confusing for a starter find the right club. If you’re a golfer, then you do need to use the right equipment that is best for your fitness levels, overall physical condition, and the type of body you have.

There is, for example, a difference between shafts made for women and those made for men. You’ll find that for the ladies case, their golf clubs would typically be lighter and have other distinct differences. Before we get started, do note that 14 clubs in the total limit of clubs allowed. Let’s get into the things you ought to consider when getting golf clubs.

The thickness of the grip

thickness of the grip

Grips affect how you’re able to interact with your golf club. It, therefore, needs to be comfortable to hold as well as swing. You will, therefore, find that if the grip is too small, you’ll have to put in more effort. When the opposite is exact, you’ll find that you have less control over your swing. How then do you know the right size for you?

The general rule is that the middle and ring finger of the left hand ought to barely touch the thumb’s pad when holding the club. Therefore if it is too thick, the distance will be too far, and if it’s too thin, your middle and ring finger will dig into the thumb’s pad. When it comes to grips, there are various textures, designs, and even colors available. You can select your preference, but the result is the same. Get something that helps effectively grip the club.

Getting the right shaft

Image for golf shaft


The shaft is a cylindrical piece of metal or graphite. When we are looking at the shaft, you have to consider a few things. The first is your height, followed by your strength and finally the build. These three factors do indeed determine what the best shaft for you is. There is also the apparent side for it; if you’re taller, you’ll end up having a longer shaft. But the distance between your wrist and the ground act more of a determinant than the actual height. That’s because some people have longer torsos.

The shaft’s length is based on the club itself. The shafts have what we call flex. That is what determines how flexible the shaft will be. Your swing also determines the type of shaft you should get. If your swing makes a swish sound, then you should get a stiff shaft. If the shaft doesn’t make a sound, then do get the regular shaft. For those in between, you should tend toward stiff shaft or something with medium stiffness.

Still, on the clubhead, there is various speed also determines the best flex for your swing. The stiffness levels are marked by different letters. They are “A” for amateur and “M” for senior. There is “S” which stands for the regular stiffs, “R” is for regular “X” illustrates extra stiffness, and “L” stands for ladies. “L” is what ladies tend to go for and “R” is what men tend to go for.



Image for golf club head

If you’re starting out then, it makes absolute sense to start with an oversized clubhead. The reason is missing the ball becomes that much harder. It is excellent for when you start practicing. You can downsize as you get better at playing the game. However, you can always start with the mid-sized set and then work your way down to the regular clubhead size. There is no shame in getting what you need to hit the ball; that’s the whole point of playing golf.

Type of club to go for

There are the clubs available: driver (9.5 – 13 degrees), Fairway wood (15 – 17 degrees), the hybrid (19 – 21 degrees), iron set (4 – PW, AW or SW), Wedge (SW and/or LW) and lastly the putter (33 inches, 34 inches or 35 inches).

You will find that you hit differently with the different clubs so your selection of clubs will have to do with which one you’re able to hit well and which ones you’re finding that you need more practice with. You’ll then gravitate towards the ones that give you more shots.

The types of clubs played with evolved over time. You’ll find that you can replace a long iron club with a wood or hybrid. When it comes to wedges, you can put in whatever number. That means that you can always switch up the number of clubs that you have, still ensuring that they come down to 14 clubs in total. You will need some time to take all the clubs for a test drive so that you get the right combination that you seek to enhance your game.

Don’t know the different types of clubs? We created a guide to bring you up to speed.



Image for golf hosel

This is what connects the shaft to the clubhead. It controls the angle with which the clubhead lies. This lie angle is the measurement with regards to angles between the shaft and the sole of the club. The club you get ought to have the right lie angle that is based on the arm length, the height, and also your swing style. You can also increase or decrease the angle of your club to get the upright lie or a flat lie.

For you to make adjustments yourself, look for the adjustable hosel. As the player, you’ll be able to adjust the lie and also loft angle of the club. They are typically found in hybrids, drives and fairway woods. You can remove the shaft from the clubhead, choose the different lie and lift angle for the hostel and the put it back in using a wrench.

Wrap up

As the golfer, this is an essential guide of how to choose golf clubs. There are factors beyond this, especially if you’re a beginner. Get in touch with a guide at your local golf store or spend time with pros to learn the lingo.

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