How to re-grip golf clubs

Grips do need replacing after a while. You have to do so if you’re going to keep making the right shots. You don’t want a worn out or too hard a grip to affect your golfing experience.

The good thing is you can do it yourself though there’s the alternative getting it down at a pro shop. That does, however, mean parting with quite a bit of money, especially if it wasn’t part of your budget. As for many people, DIY is the route to take. The good thing is its not as hard as you would imagine.

regripping your golf club

The reason why you want to have good grips is that it does affect the performance of your golfing. Your hands and your golf clubs work together to get you those perfect shots.

However, because they are a point of contact, they tend to wear out much faster than the rest of the golf club. Generally, aim to change the grips at least once a year, less if you play often. When you regrip yourself, you need about an hour or more, so it is something you can do before your next golfing event or practice.

Getting started

Regripping Golf Clubs

What you need to get your grips installed is new grips, double-sided tape, Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent, a sharp knife, and a cloth. The first step is then to remove the old grips. Depending on the state they are in, you’ll be able to peel them off.

If now, you can use the sharp night to help you cut through the grip. If you find that there is resistance, you can use a clamp or a vice to secure the club. You also don’t want to injure yourself so ensure that you work the knife away from our body and not towards it. Be patient with this process. You have to deal with a grip that’s been secured into place with tape. Work slowly, so you don’t damage the shafts.

Once you have the shaft off, use Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent to remove the remnants of the old grip along with whatever adhesive was holding it down. This process might take a while, as well. What you can do is wrap the grip with a cloth that has mineral solvent and proceeds to remove the grips from other golf clubs. When you get back to the first club, you’ll find that you’ll have an easier time removing the sticky part. Ensure the surface is clean before proceeding.

Getting the club ready

Starting at the butt put the double-sided tape down the drip doing downwards, ensuring you have some tape left at the top. Make sure the tape does not overlap. Working with double-sided tape can be tricky, so make sure you’re not holding too much of it as it removes some of the adhesives.

You’re better off using tape from a sheet so that you end up with a cleaner job. The sheet can also stay on until you’re ready to put in the new grip and thus leave it protected. With the extra tape at the top, fold it onto the base off the butt to cover the tip completely.

Cut off the excess tape. You want to ensure that all areas where the new grip touches become glued together. Tip: If you don’t have double-sided tape, you can opt for grip tape as it works just as well.

Putting the new grip

Use a vice with a shaft protector to secure your club in an upright position, the head pointing up. What you do next is pour in some little Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent into the inside of the new grip. You’ll have to cover the tiny hole at the top and the bottom as well. Swirl it around in the new grip until the inside is well coated. If the reel tape is still on, take it off at this point.


Now, pour the Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent over the double-sided tape. You can have a container to collect the excess depending on the angle that your club is in. Once it’s all out, slide on the grip. You have to make adjustments fast before the Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent dries. Ensure that the new grip is aligned and in place before the double-sided tape binds.

Good grips will help you position your hands properly and provide great traction

Wrap up

Here we have talked about Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent, but there are other products in the market that you can use to get the grip off. You can browse your local store or check out what other options there are online. It is quite the market so you’ll find something that works for you when you want to regrip your clubs. If you cannot get your hands on any, there’s the option of using a solvent that you find at the hardware store.

Remember that the purpose of the solvent is to help remove the tape and also act a lubricant for when you have to insert the new grips. If you are environmentally conscious, you can get something that is of that nature. They also tend to be odorless and less abrasive than the others in the market. You will find that you can also use them without gloves. A point to note is that if you’re using other alternatives for a solvent, you might need to use gloves in order to protect your hands.

Putting your grips on is also a process that does require some force. You can hold the clubs yourself to get someone to help. However, it is easiest when you use a rubber clamp to put the clamps in place as you work. Be gentle in the clamping process as you don’t want to damage your shaft.

If the above is too much for you, you can always head to the club store and have them regripped for you for about three to five bucks after getting the grips separately.

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