10 Best Iron Golf Club Reviews

Do you love playing golf? This game is both captivating and satisfying. Being on the golf course can give you a lot of pleasure. For you to enjoy this game to the maximum, you should have the right golf club iron.

This determines how well you hit the ball and your chances of winning in the game. There are a lot of golf club irons available to players. We will review some of the most reputable brands in the market to help you find one that will not disappoint. Find out more!

Here are Our Favorite Top 10 Picks

Last updated on July 11, 2020 3:45 pm

1. Titleist 718 AP3 Club Iron

 4-PW True Temper AMT Black

This brand is known for producing high-quality golf irons. It is the same company that is behind models such as Titleist 718 AP1 and AP2. Though the first two models have been performing well, getting AP3 can help you enjoy an even better quality. It is designed with a 3-construction system.

The club iron features an undercut cavity which contains hollow tungsten. The face of this iron is thin so that it can deliver more distance while its construction offers higher trajectory.

The heel of this iron contains a high-density metal which enhances MOI and its stability. The manufacturer of this brand promises to deliver exceptional speed through this model. It offers high performance without compromising your style.

You get precision during golfing and a high level of forgiveness. This makes it suitable for beginners and mid players. It is a distance-based iron that prevents you from putting too much effort at the game. Titleist 718 is made from steel and creates a crushing sound.


  • Offers great ball speed
  • It gives you excellent distance
  • Has an impressive design
  • Provides a smooth swing


  • It is expensive


2. Cobra King F8


If you love a lot of distance when making shots, you need to choose a golf club iron that can deliver this. Cobra King can help you achieve this with ease. It provides high ball speed and induces straight flights.

You, therefore, get more control and enjoy a consistent performance. The construction of this golf club iron includes three heads. It makes use of PWRSHELL face technology, which enhances its stability and power.

The rear part of the iron contains a multi-material medallion which makes the iron produce better sound. Cobra King is a superior iron compared to most brands since this is equipped with Arccos sensors on the grips. They can record the data as you play so that you can track your gameplay. You can later access this data to your mobile device.

Cobra Engineers have done a remarkable job in creating a one of a kind club iron. The advanced technology used in its construction enhances its workability and gives you an ideal trajectory.

It makes use of carbon feel mechanism which boosts the solid feel. This iron is equipped with milled grooves which enhance control and give you greater distance.


  • It is made with the latest technological systems
  • You get great distance and control
  • It offers fastball speeds
  • Delivers a solid feel
  • It is reasonably priced


  • Its overall design is not as attractive as the rest of the brands


3. Taylormade P790 irons

Men's Iron Set

Golf club irons that contain cavity back designs are known to be quite forgiving, and Taylormade P790 is no different. Taylormade engineers were among the first to come up with the forged iron that has a hollow body. This model enhances your golfing skills and prevents you from using too much effort at the game.

It includes speed form technology which is known to provide an improved, crisp feel. The producer also makes use of tungsten weighting to boost the precision of this golf club iron. It leads to high MOI and greater distance. The face of the iron is ultrathin while the body is made from steel. Only the best club irons deliver great ball speeds, and this brand does not let players down.

You will also like the elegant design of this brand and the impressive matte finish. Its overall appearance is among the first things that most golfers notice about this iron. It also gives you a secure and comfortable grip during playing.


  • Excellent playability
  • It is very forgiving
  • Creates a confidence-boosting sound
  • Has a captivating design


  • You may find it hard to control the ball due to fast speeds


4. Mizuno MP 18

Golf Iron Set

It takes some time for one to learn different golfing skills. If you have perfected the art of striking, you can use this golf club iron. It not only looks wow but also performs well. The design of this club iron is a bit different than most of the brands in the market.

It appears to be a bit smaller and has a thinner head compared to other conventional brands. The manufacturer includes a muscle back design while constructing this club iron. Due to the unique construction, this is suitable for only the best golf strikers.

Since it comes in the form of forged iron, it gives you a sensational feel. Though it may not be forgiving like some of the brands we have mentioned above, it is still of high quality. The body of this club is made of steel. You will also like the captivating appearance of Mizuno.


  • It delivers a solid feel
  • Has a good playability
  • Elegant design


  • It is not the best model for beginners


5. Taylormade M4

Though golfers have been using M2 models for quite a while now, it is time to try better quality models. Taylor Engineers also came up with M4 irons which are now considered as one of the finest brands in the market. It not only has cool features but also looks quite attractive.

This iron is equipped with Ribcor frame technology that creates a loud impact. You can, therefore, enjoy higher ball speed. It also comes with tungsten sole weighting which enhances the stability of the iron while at the same time lowering the CG. You can still enjoy the high performance even on low strike since the manufacturer also includes speed pocket technology for this purpose.

Its construction ensures that golfers can enjoy a lot of forgiveness. This model is, therefore, ideal for both beginners and intermediate players. Due to the high MOI design, Taylormade M4 provides more distance during playing. The construction of this brand makes it appealing to the different levels of golfers. You will not find it hard to adopt to the features of this brand. You can easily swing it without much effort.


  • It offers fast speed and exceptional distance
  • The iron also provides consistency and accuracy
  • It is forgiving


  • The iron sometimes leads to gapping problems


6. Callaway Epic

Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

If you want to improve your golfing skills, you need to choose a capable club iron. Callaway Epic has got your back. This is equipped with face cup technology that enhances the ball speed. It also delivers a straighter trajectory compared to some of the models in the industry. The head region contains a high density infused metal that allows it to deliver great distance.

The use of tungsten also makes this model quite forgiving. Since it reduces the CG in such irons, you get more spin control and precision. If you prefer hitting long shots, you will not experience any vibration issues since the iron includes laser welded elements that prevent this. It also delivers high workability. Players recognize it as one of the best brands in the market.


  • It delivers excellent ball speed and high distance
  • It is forgiving
  • Callaway epic iron comes with advanced technology
  • Premium construction
  • You get control over your shots


  • It is not cost-effective


7. Ping G4OO irons

Black Dot Irons – (Graphite)


Most of the golfers, like a club iron that puts them in control of the game. This is a true definition of what you get from choosing Ping irons. It not only performs well but also looks very appealing. The two should give you more confidence at the golf course.

This is one of the club irons that are equipped with COR eye technology. It, therefore, delivers increased face flex and better distance. You can even hit a distance up to 15 yards with the help of this iron.

The hydro pearl finish in this iron minimizes friction during impact. It also comes in a cavity design that makes the iron produce an exceptional feel and sound. It also helps you get both higher and long shots. One of the main attributes of this club iron that we cannot fail to mentions is its forgiveness. Since it is easy to hit, even a golfing beginner can utilize it smoothly. You also get a comfortable grip as you make use of this club iron.


  • It is consistent and easy to use
  • The iron is quite forgiving
  • It delivers a solid feel and sound
  • Ping iron also gives you excellent spin control


  • It is not cheap


8. Callaway Rogue iron

Men's Rogue Irons Set

Every golfer looks for a high-quality club that can give them ultimate performance. If this resonates with you, Callaway rogue iron may be an ideal choice. Like some of the brands, this comes with face cup technology that enhances ball speed. It also features a multi-material construction as well as tungsten weighting which increases its precision and offers an ideal CG.

The manufacturer ensures that you enjoy an improved sound and feel by including urethane microspheres to this iron. The overall construction of Callaway Rogue makes it quite forgiving. You will also find the grip comfortable and secure during the game. The impressive features of this club are what make it stand out.


  • It offers excellent control and a consistent performance
  • Super sound and feel
  • It is user-friendly


  • It comes with a high price tag


9. Srixon Z565 iron

Expect enhanced playability and accuracy from this model. It contains all the right features to make you a pro at golf. The body comprises of carbon steel components that make it quite strong and sturdy. It features ten steel faces that allow it to generate faster ball speeds and give you more distance. The positioning of the Tour VT Sloe results in better turf interaction.

The manufacturers of this club iron enhance spin control by including laser milled patterns in it. Due to its impressive construction, you can be certain that this club iron is forgiving. The club is also known to give golfers an iron feel. A good club iron should not only excel in performance but also presentability. That is why the producer ensures that this iron comes in a sexy look.


  • Has an awesome appearance
  • Great sound and feel
  • It is highly forgiving
  • Enhances turf interaction
  • Fast speeds


  • It is costly

10. Cleveland Launcher CBXMen's Launcher CBX Iron Set

A lot of average golfers are going for this brand due to its pinpoint accuracy and ability to deliver plenty of distance. As you hit with this iron, you will also like its highly forgiving nature due to the incorporation of better turf interaction. Cleveland Launcher CBX also comes with laser milled score lines which enhance the consistency of the iron.

It makes use of feel balancing technology which directs the gravitational pull towards the center of the iron. This leads to a soft and nice feel. Unlike some of the conventional brands, this creates a forged blade feel, making it quite superior compared to traditional models.

Though the club comes in a simple design, it looks quite attractive. There is a blue badge on the iron which gives you more aesthetic value. Equipped with advanced technology, this club will surely provide you with value for your hard-earned cash.


  • Delivers great distance
  • Gives you a nice feel
  • It comes in a compact and attractive appearance
  • Offers enhanced turf control
  • It is stable and easy to use


  • It is not cheap


Final thoughts

From the above, you can tell that each golf club iron is different in regards to its construction, features, and technology. While some are meant for strikers, others are suitable for average and new players. Before you pick one, you need to understand your gameplay so that you can choose an ideal one. Try comparing the different models and assess them keenly for you to find the best one for your needs.

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