The best golf irons for beginners

As a new golfer, playing the first few holes will prove a daunting experience. One way you can improve your gameis by using the best golf equipment for beginners. Golf clubs and golf irons contribute in the way you play golf.

You might be using an old set of golf equipment with some missing pieces that you found lying around in your basement. They may be adequate for a round in golf, but consider the new technology in golf equipment in the recent years. Here are some of the best golf irons for beginners.

The importance of golf irons for beginners

Irons are a type of golf club that drives the ball towards the hole when you are less than 200 yards on the course. They have smaller woods and shorter shafts when compared to woods. Iron heads are broad and flat and made from steel or iron with angled grooves and face.

Irons have the numbers 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, which imply the angle of the clubface. The higher the number on the irons, the easier they are to use. The closer you move to the green, the higher the number on the club you should use.

Beginner golf clubs are sometimes known as ‘Game-improvement irons.’ They are crucial in helping a new golfer in terms of forgiveness and distance. Irons form the backbone of any good quality golf club set. They form the bulk in any golf bag.

You can have a maximum of nine different irons in your golf bag and a couple of wedges in there as well. But since wedges are a specialized form of irons, they are a separate category on their own. However, a standard golf set consists of seven irons and a pitching wedge.

Irons are the most used golf equipment on the course than any other golf club. As such, new golfers should look for cavity back irons as opposed to the bladed irons, made for the professionals.

Cavity-backed irons are ideal for the high handicap golfer as they minimize the mistakes made while swinging. They look like they are being scooped out in the back of the clubhead. These irons make it quite easy to get the golf ball in the air because they offer impeccable forgiveness in the clubface.

Forgiveness in cavity-backed irons occurs by moving the center of gravity in the clubhead lower, directing more energy to the golf ball. When you strike the ball, the accuracy and distance of the ball are greater regardless of the off-centered point of contact.

Best golf irons for beginners

Game-improvement irons help a new golfer to hit the ball higher, farther, and hotter. Modern irons improve a golfer’s level of performance and consistency. With several options to choose from, here is a list of the best golf irons for beginners in 2019.

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1. Callaway Big Bertha Iron set

The Callaway Big Bertha iron sets feature wide soles, thick top lines, lots of Callaway technology, and a moderate amount of offset. They have a classy grey finish and minimal branding, giving it plenty of curb appeal.

These irons have the 360-degree face cup technology, also used in the Callaway fairway woods. As a result, they allow you to hit greater distances, scoring that hole. They also feature Callaway’s New Exo-Cage Technology whereby it creates some space in the center of the clubhead, pushing the weight to the edges for more efficiency.

The Big Bertha iron sets have a hollow body that allows shifting the weight to the right places when playing, resulting to higher staunches and further and straighter hits. It also provides a great deal of forgiveness, which many beginners need.


  • These irons get the ball in the air much more naturally than most game-improvement irons in the market
  • They have a large-weighted head that cuts through the green easily
  • Its Progressive Centre of Gravity designs gives more control to the new golfer
  • Its wide soles offer fat mis-hits and fewer chunks
  • Available in both left and right-hand orientation


  • They have an automatic feel and provide minimum feedback
  • Not ideal for the mid-handicap golfers
  • Their appearance looks more like a hybrid because of their oversized look when you setup


2. TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

One of the best golf irons for beginners in 2019 is the set of M4 irons made by TaylorMade. This iron set offers excellent forgiveness and increases your distance with low impact. They have excellent build quality and come in either steel or graphite shafts.

The M4 iron set comes in a variety of flexes and offers exceptional versatility on the green. It is hollow and filled in with Elastomer polymer foam that accentuates the spring of the clubface, giving the new golfer great distance.

Furthermore, its iconic ‘RIBCOR’ technology provides increased springiness of the clubface, resulting in incredibly precise distance control and fewer missed hits and lost balls. These irons also have tungsten weight to provide better forgiveness and height on thin shots.


  • Quite forgiving
  • Offers excellent distance control and height
  • Impeccable feel on impact
  • Big sweet spot making them perfect for beginners
  • Easy to swing due to their lightweight nature


  • Clubs are longer than some of the irons
  • An expensive option


3. Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Hot Metal Irons

If you want a powerful and highly forgiving iron set but you are on a budget, the Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Iron Set is a perfect choice.

A brand known for the adoration from top pro golfers, Mizuno seems to have struck gold with these iron set. With steel shafts, these irons offer a stiff flex, which is great for those beginners who have trouble with their swing.

This Mizuno Iron Set has pocket cavity technology, which means it has a deep center of gravity in the clubhead, giving excellent trajectory and maximum speed in a swing.

These light irons are ideal for beginners who hit off the heel or the toe of the club since the technology of the irons offers maximum accuracy with little distance lost.


  • Made from steel, offering an excellent finish and great feel as well as impact
  • Provides a good amount of forgiveness for high-handicap golfers
  • They give impeccable distance control
  • Its undercut design facilitates a large energy rebound area
  • Deep centre of gravity for ease of ball flight


  • Comes only in right-hand orientation
  • Minimal options for configuration
  • The irons are not long enough


4. Cleveland Launcher HB Irons

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher HB Iron Set (Set of 7 total clubs: Graphite, Regular, Left Hand, 4-PW)

These HB irons from Cleveland offer the ultimate forgiveness and distance. They give a new golfer the confidence to swing, hit, and launch, resulting in an incredible performance. Specifically made for beginners with a mid-to-low handicap, they offer enough launch and distance.

They get the ball in the air without much effort.
With their hybrid-like design, these irons are made from hollow and sturdy material, yet still lightweight enough to offer a beginner an effective hit. This advanced design combines incredible performance and simplicity, guaranteeing the best playing and learning experience.

They also have high-COR steel clubfaces for more ball speed across the hitting surface and a deep center of gravity to improve distance, forgiveness, and launch.


  • Durable due to their high-quality and hollow construction from sturdy material
  • Shaft material is available in graphite or steel
  • Available in both left and right-hand orientation
  • A true set of a beginner’s iron set as it offers desirable launch angles, plenty of forgiveness, and great distance control
  • Excellent feel and impact upon contact with the ball


  • The feel may be too soft, giving little feedback on mishits
  • They have a hybrid look upon setup


5. Cobra Golf King F7 Single Iron Set

If you are a high-handicap golfer looking for an enhanced iron experience, the Cobra Golf King F7 Iron Set is the ideal choice. Their patented PowerShell clubface offers more forgiveness and distance with each swing.

The clubface has a thin and sturdy design that allows the largest sweet spot zone in Cobra’s history. As a result, you have higher ball speeds and more distance with minimum effort.

The King F7 Iron Set also features constant length irons, making the set more suitable for most golfers due to the excellent variation it offers. This game-improvement iron removes weight from the center of the club and distributes it across the perimeter of the clubface. In turn, you have a more natural shot that covers longer distances due to the weight distribution.

These irons also have progressive spin technology whereby the V-grooves on the 3-6 irons have a reduced spin. More so, this technology creates a U-groove on the 7-PW to optimize the spin. Wedges on the SW and GW irons offer better shot control, extra spin, and an excellent feel on the green.


  • These irons have an affordable sticker price
  • Long irons allow easier launch than most irons available in the market
  • They have a low center of gravity, offering plenty of forgiveness as well as fat to thin mishits
  • Solid contact on mishits and provide fair feedback
  • Excellent all-round iron set for high-handicap golfers and beginners


  • The long irons tend to fly long and low
  • Golfers that hit the ball straight may experience an unintended draw bias on some shots



It is vital to find an iron set that has high forgiveness and excellent distance control to help you in learning the ropes of the game. The iron should be hollow with a hollow bone-thru hosel design that allows even weight distribution and improves the balance on mis-hits.

With a great set of game improvement irons, new golfers learn better and enjoy the game as they learn some tricks of the game. However, due to the availability of different brands and designs out in the market, it is easy for a beginner to get confused.

Depending on your budget and level of expertise, choose one of the above suggestions for the best golf irons for beginners; get out on the course, and train. We promise you they are all great choices.

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