Tommy Armour golf clubs reviews

Are you a golf enthusiast and would like to buy the best equipment for the game? You should choose your equipment from one of the most reputable brands known as Tommy Armour. The quality of equipment you pick can determine the performance of your game. Though different brands make and distribute golf equipment, Tommy Armour stands out due to its high-quality equipment.

The company aims at satisfying the specific needs of beginners and intermediate golfers at reasonable prices without compromising the integrity of their offerings. It, therefore, makes use of industry-leading technology to produce high performing equipment for every golfer. Before we look at the specific equipment it provides, let us first look at a brief introduction to the company.

Introduction to the brand and company

For decades, Tommy Armour has been a well-known brand in golf. The golf club was named after Tommy Armour who was considered a major championship winner around the 1930s. His expertise in golf made him a highly sought after instructor.

In 1976, Tommy Armour became part of the Word Golf Hall of Fame. Even after decades, his legacy still lives on. His grandson took after him and also became a champion. Tommy Armour III gained recognition after winning the PGA tour.

Tommy Armour golf club has been in existence for decades. The company is also famous for launching some of the golf equipment. Tommy Armour was considered the first brand to market single length irons. Most people find these easier to hit compared to traditional irons. Single length irons come with a shorter shaft length in comparison with conventional irons.

TearDrop Golf acquired Tommy Armour Co. in 1997 and sold it to another company known as Hilco Consumer Capital. The company sold numerous golf equipment in sports retail store, thus making the brand even more popular. Currently, Dick’s Sporting Goods has taken over the brand since 2016. It works hand in hand with Designworks to ensure that the brand lives on.

The company, therefore, offers a lot of Tommy Armour Golf Products across the US. The first brand designs were released a few decades ago, and they are now known to be legendary in the game. If you visit the official website, you will find a full line of clubs that carry the Tommy Armour brand. The company distributes drivers, hybrids, fairway woods, wedges, irons, and even putters.

Equipment from Tommy Armour gold club:

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Atomic driver

If you are in search of a driver that delivers greater distance, you need to choose Atomic driver from Tommy Armour. The company introduced the Atomic driver some few years back. Dick’s Sporting Goods sells this equipment at $ 399. Though some new golfers consider the price point a bit high, you get what you pay for. It is a state of the art driver that gives you value for your money. The atomic driver is known to provide you better performance than relying on drivers from other companies.

It features the titanium cup face which is known to be stronger than conventional titanium. This feature promotes face flexing during impact. Since the welding point is away from the face, it works much better than traditional inserts.

The atomic driver also comes with a larger carbon crown and makes use of the 360-degree Aerodynamic design. Together. They optimize weight placement and boost drag efficiency. The large carbon crowd also makes this driver more forgiving.

The manufacturer also designs the crown with some airfoils. These boost the flow of air around the head to minimize drag. The atomic driver also contains an adjustable hosel that comes with six settings. The settings provide more fitting options.

TA1 driver

graphite left hand TA1

Many golfers have been choosing this diver over others due to its classic design. It delivers an excellent combination of forgiveness and distance. This driver appeared on the USGA list. It comes at an affordable price to fit different budgets. The main feature of this driver is the cup face construction, which enhances ball speeds.

TA1 driver is hosel adjustable and offers a carbon fiber crown which has surface disruptors that are built-in. They maximize distance and club head speed. The tungsten weight of this driver optimizes CG and MOI placement, which makes it more forgiving. It also contains lamkin grip, which enhances grip security in different conditions.

You can buy this driver at $ 299.99 from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Its titanium body construction gives you extra stability while its contrasting crown alignment makes it more accurate. Feel free to choose from the different available loft options. Most of the customers who have used TA1 driver before agree that it is a well-designed golf club.


Iron set

TA 1 Irons

Choosing TA1 irons from Tommy Armour gives you the upper hand while playing golf. These irons contain a fast and thin maraging steel face, which is designed with a cup face to enhance ball speeds. It also extends the distance across the face.

The design makes use of a hollow body construction when it comes to the long irons. This offers a more in-depth and lower CG location suitable for higher launch. The short irons, on the other hand, utilize undercut cavity construction to give you a balanced performance. You also get more control to help you score shots.

The manufacturer also ensures that you enjoy accuracy as you utilize TA1 irons. They equip the irons with Tungsten sole weighting which optimizes the center of gravity placement. Its multi-material construction gives you a solid and soft feel.

The cavity design of this club leads to a fined tuned performance. If you want to achieve a higher trajectory, TA1 irons are ideal. They come with a steel shaft which is lighter compared to irons that feature conventional shafts.

Due to the light-weight, you can enjoy increased ball speeds and overall swing. The irons give you an impressive range of custom shafts at no additional costs. You can buy Tommy Armour TA1 irons from Dick’s Sports Goods.

Atomic irons

The reason why many golfers are choosing Tommy Armour atomic irons is that they are forgiving and long. You will also like the affordable prices of these atomic irons. They include a combination of different materials, such as tungsten, titanium, and steel. They offer consistent ball speeds on both mishits and centered strikes.

Tommy Armour atomic irons come with a traditional cavity back design. They have a steel body and go through a patented brazing process which enables them to produce explosive distance. Since they have a multi-material construction, these irons do not create a big sound impact.

The manufacturer makes use of variable wall technology in the making of these atomic irons to boost control and feel. If you are a golfer looking for medium spin trajectory, you should choose atomic irons from this brand.


845 Deep 4 01 Putter

Though there are different putter companies out there, choosing Tommy Armour putters can help you save your money and boost your gaming skills. Putters from this brand come in modern designs and different lines. Tommy Armour putters feature contemporary styles to give golfers excellent alignment. Some of them are discussed as follows.

Impact Series 3 CB putter

This can help you elevate your skills while playing golf. The head comes with an added weight as well as a 15-inch grip to make it more stable. You get an extended length so that you can grip down on the equipment without any need for anchoring. It is ideal for a player with a straight back.

The Tommy Armour putter is made from high-grade aluminum and features elastomer backing which delivers an outstanding feel. The aluminum face insert also provides optimal sound and speed to give you are more reliable feedback. Using this putter also lets you enjoy consistent roll and contact due to precision milling.

You will also like the appearance of this putter since it comes with black PVD finish with some copper accents. Excel polymer construction is also included in making this putter. It offers sufficient slip resistance when using it in different conditions. The putter is also designed to absorb shock and increase the comfort level.

Vintage T-line Butterfly Putter

You can also try this putter which comes with a butterfly engraving on its face. Its head is made from stainless steel, which enhances its durability. It also features a T-Line alignment and a toe weighting on its sole. The shaft has a great straight shape while the grip is smooth enough.

PGA golf which promoted the Tommy Armour brand was the first to introduce such T-line putters. The unique alignment of this putter allows you to line up square to a ball as you focus on the target. You will appreciate the alignment ease and nice heavy feel of this putter.

Tommy Armour wood set

Launch XL

Are you a new or intermediate golfer? You need to use the right wood set for the game. This is an ideal model that can help you perfect your golfing skills. Launch XL comes in the traditional shape and contains a crown that has a matte black finish. It is a right-handed wood set that features 18 degrees of loft.

The manufacturer installed a uniflex graphite shaft to this wood set. Unlike regular flex, uniflex is stiffer, making this wood set ideal for newbies. They also make use of dynamic launch technology during its construction. Your package includes a head cover for easy mobility and storage.

T-line ladies wood set

At only $ 29.99, you can get a nice looking wood set from Tommy Armour brand. The primary material used to make the body and shaft of this wood set is steel. It also contains classic cushion grips that allow you to hold it comfortably during golfing. Unfortunately, this does not come with a head cover. You will, however, like the light-weight and feel of this wood set.

Tommy Armour wedges

GXT CB wedges

Take your golfing performance to a whole new level by choosing these wedge. It offers excellent playability and forgiveness due to the included features such as the cavity back head profile which can optimize for weight placement. The sole grind contains an extra trailing edge relief which makes it more versatile. It also delivers exceptional precision milling.

Unlike most of the wedges, this includes face grooves which enhance control when it comes to scoring shots. The grove edges get in contact with the golf ball, thus delivering increased spin.

It is finished with Premium black PVD, which enhances its aesthetic value. This finish also minimizes glare. If you are the type of player that has a fast swing, this wedge can help you maximize control. The steel shaft puts you in control as you play golf. You also get excellent grip comfort due to the incorporation of Lamkin UTX grip.

Over ‘n’ out

This comes at half the price of most of the wedges in the market. Though cheap, the quality of the wedge is still high. The solid wedge improves the game through its useful features.

It comes in a proprietary design which delivers maximum forgiveness as you make shots. Most of the golfers consider it as the best value wedge. It comes in either graphite or steel shaft. Thanks to the availability of both options golfers with a faster or slower swing can maximize control during use.

Though it offers consistency during golfing, some people are not happy with its length. It is one of the shortest wedges in the market. Some players also report that it gets dirty quickly and makes golf balls accumulate residue with ease. You can buy this wedge at around $ 99.95.

Final thoughts

Dick’s Sporting Goods honors the remarkable history of Tommy Armour brand and works hard to build and promote different products from the brand.

Tommy Armour golf clubs are a game changer since they can help you experience the difference they offer in regards to feel and distance. If you want to improve your game, purchase the products we have discussed above in the different categories.

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