Types of golf clubs

If you’re new to golf, then you’ll be a bit devoid of knowing the various types of golf clubs available to you when playing the game. First-timers in the golf course have a hard time playing confidently, especially when they haven’t a clue that the type of club you use affects the shot you’re making so that you can make that Monster Swing.

Here we are going to show you the various kinds of golf clubs there are and what they are used for. In the article, we also highlight the differences so that you can know at first sight what golf club to reach for when playing.

Let us now begin with the types of golf clubs you should know about.


club drivers

The driver is used for the tee shot, so beginners should get acquainted with them. The other name for drivers is ‘woods’ simply because historically golf clubs were made of wood.

However, now you find that the modern-day golf clubs are made of titanium, steel and other such as metals. The driver has a loft angle ranging from seven to eleven degrees, depending on the height you want the ball to reach.

For this type of club, the shaft of the drives is mostly made of granite. It also has the lowest loft compared to other golf clubs. Additionally, of all the clubs, it is the longest and one with the largest club head and the hitting area. In all the club heads, people gravitate toward the size 460cc.

That size is best for beginners because it reduces the chances of missing the off-center shots. When you hit the ball from the tee, the length of the club translates to the long distance that the ball has to go in that first shot.

Pros go for 440cc or less as they have more precision. They also get better control of the tee shot. If you want to take golf seriously, then you can go for lowers cc as you build your expertise.

Fairway Woods

Contrary to the name, this golf club is not made of wood. For that reason, it gets referred to as metal woods or fairway metals. These clubs are also meant to hit balls over long distances. They have longer shafts and rounder and larger heads as compared to other clubs.

They come in varying woods. There is 3 wood and 5 wood and 7 wood. Consecutively, the first has a loft of between 15 and 18 degrees, the next one has a loft that is between 20 and 22 degrees, and the last one has between 25 to 28 degrees loft.

There are larger loft sizes as well. Just as drivers, the shaft is made of granite, but there are brands made of metal. How you’re indeed able to tell the difference between the driver and the fairway woods club is that the latter is slightly smaller and has a flat, round and bulging shape. That shape allows it to glide over the grass whenever you’re taking a shot.

If you do want more control, you can use the fairway wood right from the tee box. They are equally also ideal for when you want to make shots to the Par 3 and Par 4 hole. You’d have to be a pro so that you can get the control needed to get the balls to close or into these holes.

Iron golf club

types of golf clubs

In golf, the most used club is the iron club, and as the name implies, it is made of metal. It is ideal for mid-range shots, meaning you can hit a ball from any hole.

It is common to find players using the iron club even when they are in the tee box taking long shots. The iron club is different in that it has deeper groves on the head running from the toe to the heel.

That is what makes the ball spin more when hit, meaning you get more control out of your shot. Therefore, iron golf clubs are synonymous with accuracy. If you want to do close shots, then this is the golf club to reach for.

What also makes the iron golf club stand out apart from the groves is that it is thinner compared to other golf clubs. When you are purchasing iron clubs, you can get between six and eight different ones.

Now that you the various types of clubs, here’s a guide on which one to pick.

That said there are two types of iron golf clubs. You have the cavity back (cavity muscle back) and the muscle back (blade). The former has a hollow part in the rear clubhead which translates to a higher trajectory when you hit the ball. It is ideal when you need to hit the ball around obstacles.


Also called the utility club, this club as revolutionized to keep up with modern-day golfing. What they are made of is a combination of iron and wood golf club. What this combination does is being advantages that other gold clubs do not have. First off, they make airborne shot easy to make. You also get more control of your swing and the direction of the stroke.

The other advantage that the hybrid offers is that it works as a handy replacement for some of the iron golf clubs that you have in your bag. They work ideally in replacing 2, 3, 4 or even 5 iron clubs (that means you get 2, 3, 4, and 5 hybrids).

People tend to find them more comfortable to use thanks to the design that has making strokes easier. That is also because they have a larger surface area so you can hit the ball from the sweet spot is more likely to do.


Golf Wedge

The wedges are identical to iron in their build and overall look. What these clubs different, however, are their lofts. The loft degree is higher and ranges from 46 to 64 degrees.

The angel is created between the sole of the club dace and the edge and thus giving it what is known as a bounce. That can drastically change how your game ends. The ideal time to use wedges is when the ball lands on the turf surface or sand.

What the bounce translates into is that if the bounce is higher, that means the wedge club bounces off the ground quickly and doesn’t get stuck in the sand. The wedge isn’t necessarily for taking long shots but rather for chipping balls into the air.

There are four types of wedges. There is the gap wedge that is used to shoot for longer distances. The sand wedge is the most used to chip the ball up into the air from the pit.

The next one is the lob wedge, which is similar to the previous one, but the difference is it makes the golf ball spin faster. Lastly, the pitching wedge is more of a wedge club and comes in the iron set referred to as 10 Iron.


Golf putters

Putters don’t have lofts or even bounce angles. They have a flat club face and manufacturers use plastics or metal to leave the inserts feeling smooth. The use of the putter is to help the ball roll smoothly into the hole.

The types of putters include mallet putter, which has a large and heavy head and gives straighter shots. Professionals and novice players use it alike. It is also the most stable putter there is. The other is the blade putter that skilled golfers use to get their balls in. It has a small head compared to the mallet putter.

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